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Merry Christmas 2018 from the Master at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine

Written by RFSK on 17th December 2018.

Merry Christmas from St Katharine’s From all of us here at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, including St Katharine’s…

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A place of retreats, prayer & quiet where anyone can find space to reflect…

Written by RFSK on 19th February 2018.

Remembering what Archbishop Justin said at the start of his time as Archbishop that “the three Quinquennial Goals of growing…

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A retreat house in East London, the perfect oasis to reflect?

Written by RFSK on 31st January 2018.

Why is one of the oldest charities in England building seven new bedrooms for people to stay in for Reflection…

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Happy Christmas from the Master at The Royal Foundation of St Katharine

Written by RFSK on 19th December 2017.

Christmas really is a time to reflect. Time to reflect on what is happening in the world and on what…

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Concert in the Chapel – The 3 British Tenors

Written by RFSK on 26th October 2017.

We have had many an exciting event inside our Chapel at St Katharine’s. With the fantastic acoustics of our Chapel…

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